a barter with sallie: a step-by-step guide

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Below is a brief excerpt of a conversation between The Work Intern and Jasmine, an employee of Sallie Mae. You can listen to way more conversations with all sorts of Sallie's people on the barter blog.



I am working on a cooperative project with Sallie Mae whom some of you may know. I am targeting people who are now plagued with 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 (and maybe even more!) thousands of dollars of student loan debt from Sallie Mae, the kind woman who loaned us the money when we were dumb and submissive. For this group project (you are all a part of it), I thought we could propose a small barter with Sallie Mae. Like a we work for you, you forgive some of our loan debt type a thing. I was perusing her job boards and I know we all have the skills to do the things she needs right now. She needs a lot of help, it seems. 

So this is what I need from you all:

1) Read through the career openings at Sallie Mae. Seems there are several openings for people such as ourselves. We'd be really good at these tasks, I know it. Efficient too. The Jobs

2) Select which job description best fits your skill set/degree/interest. (Interest? I know but work with her.)

3) Craft a thoughtful honest letter to Sallie. Start with a brief outline of your situation right now with life, work, money. This only needs to be one paragraph but make sure it's genuine and kind rather than sarcastic and angry. We want to work with, not against. 

4) In the second paragraph, tell Sallie that you noticed she was in need of a Benefits Analyst (or whatever position you think you would be a rockstar in) and then go into a formal cover letteresque description of why you would be a good fit for this position.

5) In the final paragraph, propose a barter. Use your own voice but ask Sallie if she would be willing to relieve some of your debt in lieu of you taking on some of the Benefits Analyst duties (or whatever position you think you would be a rockstar in).

6) Close the letter any way you choose. Tell her you will follow up in a few weeks about the details of the barter. Tell her you would love to sit down together over coffee with a list of tasks in order to sort out a barter system that works for both of you. Do whatever here but remember to be nice!

More details:

My hope is to get a bajillion of these thoughtful barter letters and send them off one-by-one on a daily basis to the Sallie Mae headquarters. If anyone needs a resource that explains bartering to a tee to help you think of ideas to propose to Sallie, this is a great source OURGOODS. Everyone get creative. Do it. It feels so good. And also, be nice. I keep saying that but we gotta. This will be curated so anything that is too in your face will get the kabosh. Click below for example letters. 

Ok! Thanks so much. This will be fun and great and hell maybe it will work. Send your letters to work@worktheartproject.org. Also, email me there if you have any questions or ideas!


WORK intern