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this is about the work intern

The Work Intern is an artist, educator, student debtor, precarious laborer, and counselor. Her artwork explores alternatives to capitalism by suggesting and enacting economies that aren't based in current mainstream economic structures. Past projects include attempting to barter down her student loan debt with Sallie Mae; successfully exchanging her labor for rent payments to her landlord; creating a currency, monies, that represents unpaid and under recognized labor; and one-on-one conversations with the public to discuss how we can renegotiate our relationship to work, wage, debt, time, and education. Her research interests include exploring what individuals and communities do when suffering financial crises on both the micro and macro level; such as the solidarity economies and DIY spaces that emerged in Argentina after the 2001 economic recession and Greece just recently, as well as student debtors in the US. She experiments and creates situations for free learning in urban environments for high school youth through her project, ThinkerSpace, and for adults, through Mapping Your Free Education. 


Contact or 901-INTERN1