I keep getting this weird feeling

It's like when you see an old man sitting at table four - the table in the window. And you start to think about him chewing his food and how many times he has chewed food - not necessarily this same food but food like smashed carrots and samosas or even New York style cheesecake. And then for some reason you think about his mama who once fed him food and taught him how to chew and even if it wasn't his mama that taught him how to chew his food you think about how he taught himself how to chew it or how his sister or friend taught him how to chew it - like how he figured out how to make this thing that we all need work for him to make him who he is and keep himself going. And it's this weird thing you always think about when you serve table four and table seven and table twelve. And really all of the tables - like when you think of them and how they learned how to chew and not just them but we and where we came from and how we all know how to do this action that is so pleasurable but mostly necessary. But then when you think about how you get the food inside of your organ body and how it varies for everyone and how it doesn't matter how it gets there like even if it's spicy or sweet or eaten with your hands or eaten with a fork or eaten with a stick, it's the same. It's necessary. 

It's necessary.

And then sometimes you worry about choking. You worry about choking. You worry about other people choking on the any food. And you worry about yourself choking on the any food. And that worry becomes momentarily debilitating - like you wanna save everyone and tell them to stop chewing. You wanna tell them to be careful and to maybe just drink miso soup because it's safer. 

And then it makes you think about how when you are setting a table you should always rank the forks first and give yourself the one with the most dents or the one with the least weight or the one with most dents and the least weight. Or maybe give yourself the stick that isn't a stick at all or give yourself the stick thats is full of splinters. 

Or something.

It's just this weird feeling.