Office of the Customer Advocate

The barter blog is a representation of my personal experience bartering down my debt with Sallie. This information will be unedited, thick, and potentially boring to sift through but there may be something funny and important to get out of it. Who knows!

My go-to contact department is the Office of the Customer Advocate as they are:

"dedicated to reviewing and responding to customer correspondence addressed to the Chief Executive Officer and other members of the executive management staff at Sallie Mae. We work closely with the Executive Management and service teams within Sallie Mae to respond to your inquiries and ensure that your feedback is heard. We are here to help!"

I am approaching them through phone calls, emails, and hard mail in an effort to get Sallie and her team of fearless leaders to work with me. If you would like to join in the barter blog and share your personal experiences bartering with Sall, contact the WORK intern at or just do it alone in your room. Whatever is comfortable! Below is information on where to send your barter stuffs.

Office of the Customer Advocate

Bigwigs (use these names for best results):

Jack Remondi: President

Joe DePaulo: Vice President, Banking and Finance

Laurent Lutz: Vice President, General Counsel

Joni Reich: Vice President, Administration

  • email: (still working on getting personal human contact info)
  • send a letter to:  Office of the Customer Advocate, P. O. Box 4200, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773-4200
  • call: (888) 545-4199 (this method offers immediate humor albeit frustrations)