Oh crap.

I think I am ruining my chances for the in-person interview and it's all because of money! Ugh, money, you blow! You made me get in a big fight with my mom this week! And you confuse every single person in the world - like how much we should give and how much we should take and where to get you and how to get you! And you make some people do yucky things for you and they don't even get that much and other people do nothing and they get a lot of you! And you honestly just make the whole world sad. Just leave already! Go to space!

Uf, sorry, let me explain. 

My interview was slated for Friday, August 16th at 11 am. And because I am dumb and my computer got stolen, I was distracted and waited to reserve a rental car to drive to Horseheads, NY until one day before (today!). Then, I got all sweaty because when you reserve a rental car too late it gets really expensive unless you take a train 1.5 hours west to Kearny, NJ. And by the time you do that you spend all these extra dollars on strange trains like the PATH and the NJ Transit and Boo! 

So I emailed Kristen of Sallie Mae although she actually works for General Revenue Corporation (capitalism, uck). And this is what happened:  

ME: Hi Kristen,

Uf. I didn't reserve my rental car in time and now the prices are astronomical. This is hard for me especially because my computer was stolen a few days ago! eek! I was wondering if you would be able to move the interview to Tuesday of next week. If not, it's ok, I will go ahead and pay for the more expensive car for Friday. I just wanted to see if there was any flexibility on your end. Sorry for the hiccup.

All best,


HER:  Meredith,

I want to make sure that you are in this 100 Percent. I totally understand the issue with the car and it’s not a problem to reschedule. Yet, maybe you should look more into your options and see if you really want to make this potential move to the area.

Next week is booked and September class is filling up quickly, did you want to see about October possibly?

Let me know and thanks,


ME: Hi Kristen,

I am not 100 Percent sure because I haven't visited the office or the town of Horseheads yet. I was interested in the interview to see how I felt about it. Like I said on the phone, this position interests me (and working with Sallie Mae altogether) because I am seriously affected by student debt and want to learn more about my situation/help others that I correspond with understand the situation - and perhaps work out a barter system with you all. Money is an item of exchange that I am recently baffled by.

At any rate, I just found a cheapish car rental deal if I take a car from New Jersey tomorrow evening. But if you could squeeze me in sometime within the next two weeks for an interview, I will plan ahead much better. Whether I were to begin in the September or October class doesn't matter to me. Let me know what you think. And thank you for understanding.



HER: I am not sure what you meant by " perhaps work out a barter system with you all. Money is an item of exchange that I am recently baffled by."  ??

ME:  Hi,

Well I was thinking about the people who are plagued by student loan debt and how hard it is to find jobs in this economy that will help pay off our student loans. So I thought if we worked out a direct work-trade system with our creditors then the hours we work could just go towards relieving some of our debt. But it would still go through a job-like interview process in order to decide what both parties need and what both parties can give one another. For example, you need collections persons and I have the skills for that job so I could work X hours per week as a collections person and rather than you paying me, you could lower my monthly payments to XX per month. It'd be more of an interesting way for debtors to form solid relationships with creditors. I wanted to meet you all in person to bring this up though and explain it further.

Is that clearer now?

Thanks again,


HER:  No unfortunately that is not how it works. Each person with a student loan, just as myself pays on it themselves.

Why, what a reflective and helpful response, Kristen. BUT NOW WHAT?!?