I finally recovered from the hiccup a few days where Kristen grew skeptical of interviewing me because I mentioned barter in our email exchanges. Then it dawned on me that my outlet into actually proposing a barter with Sallie is not through some external company called the General Revenue Corporation who just serves as another one of Sallie's minions! Duf! Kristen of GRC ain't gonna do anything to implement a new barter policy. She's scared and confused by change. That's why she has the job she has. I need to talk to the lady [Sallie] herself!

If my research has served me correctly, the bonafide legitimate headquarters of Sallie Mae is in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I need to get an interview there so I can speak with her and her bf, JJ.

As I climb back onto the horse of high hope (yes, I just said "horse of high hope"), the email pasted below was sent to Sallie five minutes ago.  


Dear Sallie,

I just had this memory of when I was a little tiny girl living with my mother and two older sisters. In order to get us to do our chores she arranged a system of compensation but rather than giving us actual dollars, she gave us poker chips. If you cleaned the sink you got one chip, if you cleaned the toilet two, and if you cleaned the tub you got three because that task was the most back breaking. The greatest thing about this system was that once we received these chips, we couldn't do anything with them. They didn't mean anything and beyond her giving us those credits to denote that we did our tasks, they were essentially useless. And over time, the system fell out of place and me and my sisters started doing our chores because we understood that we also wanted a clean bathroom and needed nothing in return. 

You may wonder where I am going with this charming anecdote. 

At this moment in my life and all of my friend's lives we are finding it incredibly hard to keep up with our payments to you because you prefer high interest rates. Interesting taste you have but the problem is that it is crippling us with fear, stress, sadness, anger, and all of those horrible things that life does to some people and not to others. I know we all struggle but there are varying levels of strife and we should work to minimize it for everyone.

What I am proposing to you is that we decide on a barter contract where money is not the tangible medium of exchange rather that I work for you and you, out of the kindness of your heart, decide to lessen my debt burden. This may mean lowering my interest rate, lowering my overall balance, or providing a manageable monthly payment. The way this would work is that you would make a list of chores/tasks/food you need and I would propose what I need from you in exchange (it may look similar to the examples I mentioned above) and then we would meet in person to discuss a trade that would benefit both of us. From that conversation we would form our barter contract. 

Historically, when times were tough and money was null, economies turned to barter. In the U.S. today, that time is now. We can't possibly keep accruing unmanageable amounts of debt. I hope you are willing to take this opportunity to set an admirable example of what the modern day relationship of creditor and debtor should look like. Thank you for your time and I will follow up with you via phone or email in a week.

My very best,

Meredith Degyansky