Betty called me on Friday and left a message saying that Sallie had come up with a response to the hard mail I sent a couple weeks ago. In the message, Betty told me to call Sallie back and one of Sallie's colleagues would relay Sallie's thoughts on my barter proposal. If I can offer a piece of advice to those of you suffering the Sallie debts, SEND HARD MAIL! Sallie and her team (Betty, Jasmine, Jason, etc.) have to respond to our hard mail. It's in their contract. They take it seriously. And they need more people like me proposing new solutions. Do it. It's fun.

This morning I spoke with Jasmine (Betty's colleague) on the phone asking about Sallie's response to my hard mail barter proposal. Jasmine and I got sad together. We got sad about society. You should listen.

I hope she's ok.

I still feel icky.