NEWS ALERT! The Work Intern is providing services to the public at Proteus Gowanus


Sundays, January 4 - February 15, 3 pm - 6 pm at Proteus Gowanus

Come in for one-on-one consultations with The Work Intern to sort through your burdensome issues of education, debt, labor and wage. Please set up an appointment by emailing or calling 2407270060. Or just walk-in!

Services include:

  • Work Evaluations: Confused about the value of your labor? TimeDebt Services will evaluate your past, present, and future work including the uncompensated and unrecognized transactions in your life.

  • Letters to Creditors: Want to write to Sallie Mae and/or Chase Bank but don’t know how? TimeDebt Services will help you write the perfect barter and/or timebank letter to your creditor offering alternatives to paying off your debt.

  • Education Resources: Want to learn for free? TimeDebt Services will map alternative education models and resources in the city to help you learn what you want to learn without breaking the bank.